10 Ways to Make Your Man Scream for More…in Bed!

Posted on 8th December 2012 in All About Sex

Lovers in BedDo you want to know what you can do to make things exciting in bed for your man?

What would it take to make you ‘the great lay’ that your man has ever had?

Every woman wants her man to be satisfied in bed. Let’s be honest, knowing that our man wants to have sex often makes us feel beautiful and sexy!

This is what your man wants…

First thing that you need is to know what your man wants. Have a good, open conversation with him about what he likes. Don’t judge him. Don’t go ‘ewwww!’ Doing so will just make your guy very vulnerable. In order to give him what he likes, you need to know what it is and how he likes it done. Every guy is different. You need to know what and how to make your man wild.

Like women, men have their sexual fantasies. Here are a few to help give you an idea:

Oral sex
Although men like having oral sex from their women, they also want to perform it on their partner. Get some ice cream syrup, apply it to your breast and ask him to lick it off. Apply some a bit lower, working towards your genitals and ask him to lick it off again.

Doggie style
This gives your man the ability to deeply penetrate while still being comfortable.

Girl on top
During foreplay get him on his back and climb on. Encourage him to play with your breasts.

When he is the one tied, he can relax and enjoy whatever you do because he is ‘not in control’.

Being teased
Some men really enjoy being turned on and then made to wait. So feel him up, until he is almost there and then tell him you will finish it later.

Watch you masturbate
Some guys are sexually stimulated to see their woman play with herself.

Here are ideas that could help you get your man’s attention to having sex with you:

Men want what’s out of their reach. If you’re not available to him 24/7 and you have an active life outside the relationship, he has time to miss you.

Men are flat line from the familiar. Variety is the key. So throwing a new move into your game doesn’t just turn him on. It maintains his ability to be attracted to you.

Biologists believe the reason your odor turns him on is because smell is one of the most primitive senses. It travels a direct route to the brain’s limbic lobe, where it can promote an emotional reaction.

If you want to make your man want sex more, it’s worth thinking about what might be causing the problem in the first place.

There are many things that can cause sexual issues. There are many influences of his sex drive and if you want your man to have more sex than you’re currently having, you’ll need a strategy.

Don’t despair. There are techniques you can use to get him in the sack.Lovers Laying on Bed

1. Building sexual tension.
Building sexual tension is a game. You have to do it bit by bit. You have to tease him. You have to dangle it in front of him and then snatch it away. Building sexual tension will actually increase the intensity of your lovemaking once you do get him in bed.

2. Push him to the point of no return.
Guys will resist sex up to a point until they simply cannot say no. But once he gets started he instinctively cannot stop once he’s past this point.

Learn to be persistent, determined and push until he has no other way out but to make love. It might mean that you’ll have to be more aggressive and play with him. Make out and do a lot of touching.

3. Get into the habit of regular sex.
Having sex daily is just the matter of getting into the groove of it. If you do it regularly, his body will begin to expect it and he’ll be more comfortable. Often the key to make your boyfriend want sex is to make sex a very regular habit.

Think of regular sex as a habit and work really hard to get into the habit to begin with. Once you do that, it will be a lot harder to fall out of it.

4. Be the initiator.
Most women believe that the man should always be the first to ask for it. But census has proven it wrong and showed that men get more aroused when the women approach them first on that issue. Logically, to make your man want more, you have to be the first to ask and see what progress you make.

5. Be free.
Give yourself to him totally. Make him believe that he is worth you. Don’t restrict him because that can make him look in other direction. Talk freely with him by letting him know the areas which you loved most to be touched. Just be free and see how he is going to come back asking for more.

6. Proper hygiene.
Take special care of your personal underwear and make sure that they are always clean, and they smell fresh always. Men don’t like to see dirty and smelly underwear. Make them want more by keeping yourself clean at all times.

7. Clean, healthy and fragrant vagina.
No man wants to associate with a loose and oozing vagina. You can use a good vagina wash to keep it clean and smelling nice. So that when the man comes he is welcomed with a nice smelling aroma that will keep him wanting more of you.

8. Wonderful romance.
Love making is one of the areas that most men cherish. Don’t just have sex but have a great sex. When making love, always create a new and unique style or position that you believe will make him go bananas.

9. Mystery
Your man is an explorer by nature. The less he knows, the more he wants to know. That’s why you pique his curiosity when you don’t initially reveal your innermost thoughts.

10. Anticipation
Delaying gratification makes your man fantasize about you more. When you tease him with sexy text messages or the promise of sex, his imagination runs wild.

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